Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

On a race with the devil

Die Kollegen von dynamic-hedge fassen die Börsen-Konstellation ganz gut zusammen (und beziehen sich dabei auf den Marktausblick von Oaktree Capital):
... The race mentality is key in understanding the current market. First, the ongoing dominant race is fund managers worried about exiting a bull market too soon (career risk in missing bull runs). Second, is the fear about the race to the exits when things start to go sour. The push and pull between these two races is what has elevated the market. Everyone can identity the trend higher but are still worried that the correction everyone knows is coming will embarrass them. They sell in anticipation and then buys back in as the market levitates.
Da zieht's und zerrt's ...

Ich finde, dazu passt Warren Zevon richtig gut ...

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